Ace Controls, Inc.

Success with The Center

ACE CONTROLS: Supervisory Skills Workshop is the Key to Successful Communication

The training delivered by The Center was some of the best corporate training I’ve ever received. The facilitator excelled at keeping the class interesting and the content comprehensible and relatable. Any organization looking to develop and grow leaders, improve communication and increase workplace satisfaction should strongly consider this class. It’s the only course I can remember that I saved the materials, bookmarked links and shared what I learned with friends and family.
-- Larry Cavalloro, North American Marketing Manager

Founded in 1963, ACE Controls, Inc. ( is a privately-owned company and introduced the first adjustable industrial shock absorber. Fifty years later, ACE Controls is the internationally recognized expert in the field of industrial damping technology. The company’s portfolio now includes automation control, motion control, vibration control and safety products. ACE is headquartered in Farmington Hills, Mich., and has 133 employees at this location. In addition, they have offices in Langenfeld, Germany, with five branches and four production facilities worldwide and representative offices in 45 countries.


ACE Controls wanted to improve communication skills between shifts and departments. By doing so, it would help the team minimize duplicated efforts, maximize efficiency, strengthen their supervisors’ skills to enhance performance, solve conflict and motivate teams to achieve goals. The Supervisory Skills training offered by the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) was the right option to help heighten communications skills between the departments and provide long-lasting benefits.


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Eleven supervisors from various departments including IT, Quality, Marketing, Engineering, Production and Purchasing attended The Center’s 4-day Supervisory Skills workshop. The hands-on training included videos and worksheets and included several team exercises focusing on smarter leadership. The skills and insightful course content enabled ACE Controls’ supervisors to focus on the following:

• Identifying their leadership style and its strengths and weaknesses.
• Discovering the different behavioral characteristics and determining the best method for each type.
• Uncovering communication barriers and listening/communication techniques to enhance interaction in all directions.
• Examining how individuals are motivated and identifying opportunities to encourage subordinates to achieve organizational goals.
• Determining the most effective methods of delivering on-the-job training and applying them for increased competence in employees.
• Pinpointing what causes conflict and how to mitigate and prevent escalation.
• Identifying how to manage time to maximize available time and to decrease non-productive activities.
• Recognizing how to relate to subordinates to ensure the smoothest possible transition.
• Identifying the phases teams go through and how to maximize positive outcomes of each stage.
• Examining the components of effective meetings and applying them, resulting in meetings that are more productive.
• Recognizing how to administer employee discipline to maximize behavior change and minimize conflict.


  • Cost Savings: $60,000
  • Investment in Workforce Practices and Employee Skills: $35,000
  • New Jobs: 2
  • Retained Jobs: 10