A TPM Strategy Creates a More Reliable Organization

Late deliveries, longer lead times, customer dissatisfaction – these are all issues that commonly result when a machine breaks down. At the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, we help organizations avoid these issues with a TPM, or total productive maintenance strategy. A TPM strategy helps organizations improve the availability, performance efficiency, and quality of production machines.

Our TPM services allows your organization to create a machine wellness program by including the following aspects:


Enhance Your Business Operations and Eliminate Waste

With a well thought out TPM plan, your organization will transform into an even more reliable provider of materials and services. Our total productive maintenance mentors take a personalized approach by demonstrating maintenance services which enables organizations to discover the waste in their current maintenance processes, with proven solutions for efficient and prompt improvement. 

What can Your Business do with a Total Productive Maintenance Strategy?

With a Total Productive Maintenance plan developed with our assistance, your organization will quickly migrate from reactive to proactive. With Our TPM services, you will see improvements in the following areas:

  • Ability to take on more sales
  • Meet the ever-changing needs of customers
  • A reduction in maintenance costs
  • Prolonged life of your machines

Optimize Capacity with a TPM Plan

Do you find your organization’s machines to be unhealthy? Our TPM strategy plan will help create a wellness program to bring them back to life. Schedule a FREE assessment with one of our knowledgeable mentors today.