Grow your Manufacturing Business with MMTC

Improve your Manufacturing Business Growth

Maintaining success for a small to medium-sized business can often be a difficult task to achieve.   If your company is struggling to expand in the marketplace, there are a number of issues you may be facing that could be holding you back. Problems such as:

  • Inadequate lead follow up
  • Cost plus quoting process
  • Outdated cost structure
  • Poor customer management
  • Undefined Sales Process
  • Limited new lead sources
  • No metrics to track progress

Optimize your Business Processes for Maximum Growth

With Growth Services provided at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (MMTC), we will assist you in developing a plan to identify and eliminate these problems within your company, and to maximize your business potential within the marketplace.  The Growth Roadmap process will assess your current state of business and develop a best in class future state process. This process will include the who, what and when activities are to be performed. Who will be responsible for the activity, what the activity entails, and when should the activity be performed. Many times companies will use spreadsheets to attempt to track sales activities with limited success. In the assessment, the current sales activity and quoting process is identified and the current state of the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is evaluated and where non-existent, the usefulness of a system is determined.

Take your Company to the Next Level with The Center’s Manufacturing Business Growth Programs!

At MMTC, we offer a variety of services to help manufacturing companies develop strategies for maximizing growth and reaching their business goals.  Our services differ from our competitors by specializing in helping smaller companies succeed. Larger consulting firms do not bother working with smaller companies like we do, and community college courses often don’t help with developing a plan. We work with our clients to create a customized strategy, based off their individual needs, to achieve specific business goals.

Services we offer to aid in business growth include:

  • Develop and implement strategies to grow for the top and bottom line
  • Identify a process improvement plan
  • Use, modify or identify a new CRM for greater sales management and transparency
  • Identify new potential leads in current market
  • Identify new markets for potential sales
  • Learn email and social marketing strategies
  • Aid in customer and staff management
  • Identify new products or modify existing ones to meet customer needs

If you are struggling to maintain growth with your manufacturing business, or are unsure of where to take your company next, take our FREE assessment and see the benefits our Growth Strategy program can provide to you!