Error Proofing / POKA-YOKE


Error-proofing is vitally essential to a smooth operation, cost-savings and retention of sanity in the workplace. The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center is here to help you stay on top of it!

Poka-Yoke is a Japanese term for a process that is translated into English as "mistake proofing." It’s the small mistakes that can sometimes kill you. Various Poka-Yoke tools and techniques establish a better baseline for error-free processes. The concept of Poka-Yoke involves limiting the number of possible incorrect options, resulting in fewer (or no) user errors.

It can involve using checklists, quality checks, part or tool design, machine modification, setting tolerance limits and so forth.

Three types of Poka-Yokes are common:

1 - Contact type:

Does it fit? The use of shape, dimensions or other physical properties of the item in order to detect the contact or non-contact of a particular feature.

e.g. Things only fitting one way – the way they are supposed to fit.

2 - Constant number type:

If a fixed number of specified actions, steps or movements are not made, an error sign is triggered.

e.g.: Completing data entry fields when taking an order

3 – Performance sequence type, to ensure steps are performed in the right order

e.g. the use of a checklist for pre-flight checks or completing forms In a logical way.

When it comes to Poka-Yoke, at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center it’s not a joke! Let us help you eliminate errors before they occur. Learn more now; earn more later!

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Understand the benefits of building in quality at the source by implementing methods or devices into the manufacturing process instead of inspection only at the end of the process.
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