A3 Problem Solving

A3 Problem Solving

Do you know the best ways to solve your problems?  Are you sometimes stumped and unable to move forward?  That’s why the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center is here for you!  Plainly stated, WE HELP YOU LEARN HOW TO FIND SOLUTIONS.

Problematic?  Our approach is Automatic! Solving problems is all in a day’s work for many of us.  However, are we analyzing the symptoms of the problem correctly, with an eye to hidden elements?  Are we handling the situation in the most efficient, cost-effective way?  In short, do we really know what we are talking about and doing?

These are the problems that can cause managers to lose sleep, and cause their employees to doubt the efficacy of decisions that manager is making.

The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center knows that Successful manufacturers constantly focus on improving quality and on-time delivery while attempting to reduce operating costs. Resources are always in short supply, so effective, rapid, real-time problem-solving methods are critical. The A-3 technique, a structured problem-solving approach, teaches employees how to rapidly address manufacturing problems, effectively communicate solutions, and monitor results.

This technique seeks to clearly define the problem in measurable terms; uncover potential root causes; determine the true root cause or causes; analyze alternative answers; develop implementation plans; and communicate key performance indicators. All information is recorded in a document printed on 11-by-17-inch paper, the size designated “A-3” by ISO 216.

With the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, the A3 Process is a successful and pragmatic problem-solving technique for creating sustainable organizational change. It is also a great plan of attack for an aggravating, stubborn and ongoing problem that prevents it from growing into a major catastrophe!  Register for the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center’s A3 Problem Solving Seminar by phone, fax or email today and . . . Sleep well tonight!

Upcoming Classes

November 07, 2017
8:00 AM- 12:00 PM
45501 Helm St.
Plymouth, MI

Participants will use problem solving tools (5-Whys and Fishbone Diagram) to assist in the continual improvement process with special emphasis on creating and implementing a Lean Business Strategy
South East

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