Fill Talent Gaps With the 2024 Going PRO Talent Fund

the 2024 APPLICATION CYCLE OPENS october 9, 2023! 

invest in targeted workforce training

Manufacturers are facing an unprecedented talent shortage, leading to challenges with production and productivity. Building a relevant, effective training plan is key to developing and retaining all employees, regardless of their role or level within the organization. Manufacturers seeking additional funding and support for their training initiatives can find help through the Going PRO Talent Fund (GPTF).

What is the Going PRO Talent Fund?

Created by Michigan Works!, an established partner in developing our state’s economic future, the GPTF provides competitive funding to employers to assist in training, developing and retaining current and newly hired employees. Through a collaborative statewide network of workforce and employee skill development partners, this program seeks to ensure companies have the talent they need to compete and grow, while equipping individuals with the skills they need for in-demand jobs.

GPTF provides more than just funding, as it also provides employers with loyal, ever-developing talent devoted to growing with the company. Through this service, GPTF helps manufacturers retain and develop the talent they need to thrive, right at home. 


The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center's (The Center) experts can help companies develop a realistic, relevant training plan according to their needs and goals. The Center provides a variety of training that is eligible for GPTF funding support, such as Manufacturing Skills Development, Understanding Lean Principles & Techniques 4.0, 8D Problem Solving, Food Processing Skills Development, Practical Approach to Project Management, Industry 4.0 and more. View the complete catalog of certification courses here.


View Our 2024 Certificate Course Catalog2024 CERTIFICATE COURSE CATALOG
The Center provides a wide variety of training that is eligible for GPTF support, covering topics that include Lean Manufacturing, Leadership, Project Management, Quality, Workforce Engagement, Industry 4.0 and more. View our Certificate Course Catalog for upcoming opportunities.


Certificate-Course-Catalog-Northern-Michigan.png2023 CERTIFICATE COURSE CATALOG-NORTHERN MICHIGAN
The Center-Northern Michigan provides a wide variety of training that is eligible for GPTF support, covering topics. View our Northern Michigan Northern Michigan Certificate Course Catalog for upcoming opportunities.


This guide breaks down who benefits most from each course.ROLE-BASED TRAINING GUIDE
Take the guesswork out of your training planning. Want to know which classes are tailored towards managers, vice presidents, engineers, six sigma professionals, auditors, technology implementers, sales staff, shop-floor workers and more? This Role-Based Training Guide breaks down who will benefit most from each course.


With The Center’s interactive Course Planning Guide, make choosing your training path easier. With this electronic document, planning the who, what and how much is as simple as a few strokes of your keyboard. Download The Center’s planning guide to view all courses, calculate investment, choose onsite vs. at The Center and more.



The application cycle for the 2024 GPTF is expected to begin October 9, 2023. Because this is a competitive bid grant, not every application will be awarded funding.

For questions, assistance with the application process or finding training providers, contact The Center at 888.414.6682 or email