Leadership Training & Management Training All in One Workshop

Our Three-Day Executive level hands on workshop focuses on leading change. Leadership is the driving force for all change efforts. Without it, improvement efforts fail at a high rate. This workshop is perfect for business owners seeking management training, or for executives looking for leadership training. Either path, this workshop will make the change needed to grow your business.

The Executive Workshop is based on Three Fundamentals


1. Organizational Performance

  • Learn what drives organizational performance
  • Receive executive leadership training 
  • Learn how engagement drives performance
  • Develop metrics to measure performance
  • Implement solutions that really do improve the bottom-line performance and enhance top-line growth position
  • Align opportunities with resources

2. Creating a culture of Improvement and Innovation

  • Create a vision of your company’s future
  • Develop an integrated implementation plan
  • Promote innovation in all work areas
  • Communicate the vision and plan
  • Keep your workforce engaged
  • Use proven leadership techniques applied to business best practices—and get started
  • Get your management team involved and all rowing in the same direction—as a team
  • Make a public commitment to the change effort

3. Expecting Results

  • Lead your change effort more effectively
  • Help your workforce contribute to your organization’s performance and profits
  • Create more efficient manufacturing processes
  • Create more efficient office procedures
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Create better costing and quoting models
  • Understand where and how waste occurs
  • Increase capacity within your existing footprint
  • Improve overall equipment effectiveness
  • Market more effectively
  • Save money using green resource management

On-Site Client Assessment

Led by the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center staff, an unbiased, two-day assessment is conducted on-site.  They will look at the implementation of management training, operational activities, surveys with current employees and a facility tour.  You then will be provided with a full assessment write out and a post-assessment report. 

Workshop Outcome

On the final day of the workshop, each company uses the assessment data, knowledge shared and management training acquired to develop a strategic implementation plan. These plans will outline the opportunities, capabilities and required resources to allocate manager assignments and due date timelines.

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