Design for Manufacturability with the 3P Process

The last thing a manufacturer wants to do is go to market with a flawed process or miss a client deadline. With our skillfully developed 3P (Production Preparation Process) program, also referred to as “design for manufacturability,” we help to develop and validate process mapping for manufacturing a product from beginning to end. The design for manufacturability process helps organizations develop product and process designs that require the least amount of time, material, and capital to create an end product.

Our 3P staff of experts work diligently with clients to formulate new designs or redesign current processes. Once the course has concluded, our commitment to the participants doesn’t stop there. We will visit the client on-site where we help implement the newly designed method. The design for manufacturability course is a 10 day workshop, broken down into three phases, spanning four to six weeks.

This process helps manufacturing organizations achieving the following:

  • Minimize transactional launch errors and delays
  • Eliminate 80% of the waste before a product or process commences
  • Learn to achieve a process prior to launch via planning, mock-ups, and troubleshooting

See How Design for Measurability Improve Your Processes

The main goal of the design for measurability process is to create products with less complexity, products that are easily to manufacture, and produce an end product with built-in quality.

Manufactures that have taken the 3P course have seen improvements in the following areas:

  • Immediate bottom-line results
  • Improved performance of new and existing products and processes
  • Minimize the cost to produce products
  • Grow within their existing footprint

Prepare Your Processes for Success with Our Design for Manufacturability Services

Before you design your next process or launch production for a new product, take our FREE assessment and see how our design for manufacturability course can help you cut costs and meet client expectations with confidence.