Understand your Customers with Market Research

Discover your Unmet Needs with Market Research

To survive in the business world today, it is essential to understand your customers and competitors in the market.  With more than 25 years of experience in  Market Research here at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, our team will collect and analyze data from many different sources to provide you with the information you need to gain a competitive advantage.  If your business is struggling from a drop in sales, losing market share to competitors, acquiring new leads, or finding ways to expand, our analysis and investigations can help you make informed decisions, create a solid business strategy, and discover unmet opportunities! 

Our research experts have helped companies in Michigan find the answer to these key business questions:

  • Who are the key players in the market?
  • What type of customers should we be targeting?
  • What is the potential for market growth in this market?
  • Out of those potential markets, which are the best three for us to focus on?
  • What do our customers think about our products?
  • How loyal are our customers to our products and about us as a supplier?
  • What are the top markets for a company with our capabilities?
  • How do I grow my current customer base?

What The Center has to offer in Market Research

At the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, we offer a wide variety of research services to help you find the answers to your specific questions and business problems.  Unlike many of our competitors, we provide both Primary and Secondary research types, allowing us to target your unique needs.  Other firms perform surveys and analysis based on industries as a whole and can only answer general business questions, whereas our studies focus on your specific business requests.  We are very knowledgeable and experienced working with the manufacturing sector in the state of Michigan and have an extensive understanding of these markets.  

Research services provided here at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center include:

Primary Research:

  • Data Collection
  • Focus Groups
  • Online Surveys
  • Qualitative Summary of Data

Secondary Research:

  • Competitive Intelligence for Suppliers and Competitors

Take our FREE assessment today and see how our Market Research services can help you solve your business questions, uncover new opportunities, and gain a deeper understanding of your customers and competitors!

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