Manufacturer Marketing Services by The Center

The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center’s Manufacturer Marketing Services Can Improve Your Business’ Digital Presence

The Center offers a variety of web development and marketing services to help your business’ digital presence.  Having a strong identity online will add value and generate more leads back to your company. 

What our Manufacturer Marketing services can do for you

We have a team of marketing experts who are capable of taking your small to mid-size business to the next level.  We use tools like SEO, SEM, email campaigns, list building and social and marketing strategies. While we understand that there are other companies out there offering you the same services, we can offer one thing they don’t - manufacturing industry knowledge. With the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center’s marketing services there is no learning curve, and we will be able to help your company more efficiently.

We focus on the 5 key impact principles:

  • Jobs Retained
  • Jobs Provided
  • Sales Retained
  • New Sales
  • Capital Investment

The Center is Here to solve your Manufacturer Marketing Needs

The Center’s manufacturer marketing services deal with these issues solely based upon the client company’s needs independently.  Our marketing services can solve these areas of issue by working on enhancing website searchability, tracking website traffic and optimizing website content.

Enhancing Website Searchability:

Making your website “searchable” is step number one in driving traffic back to your business. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes into account how search engines read your site, what products or services are searched for, and how people use the internet.

Tracking Website Traffic:

Web analytics bridges the gap of not knowing your audience by providing information about the individual visitors of your site. It answers the questions: “who are they,” “where did they come from,” “how they found you,” and “what were they looking for.”

Optimize Website Content:

By providing your visitors with relevant and engaging content they will be more likely to stay on your page longer and potentially reach out to you to start a dialogue. This gives you a leg up on the purchasing process over your competition.

We measure the success of our manufacturer marketing services based on the performance of your company’s new online presence.  Did we solve the five key impact principles? Your results can be measured through the impact on your business.  Schedule your free assessment today to get started on improving your digital identity.

“Our website is a major source of Triple K’s lead generation and sales. Turning to the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center in order to enhance our customer’s digital experience was the best decision we could have made in order to offer exceptional service and grow sales.”

Steve Kutzley, President-Triple K Irrigation

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