Grow your Business with Manufacturer Marketing

Manufacturer Marketing and Other Growth Services to Help Expand your Company

Keeping your business on the growth curve is essential to achieving lasting success in today’s business setting. Staying on the growth curve means ensuring that your business (and the product or service you provide) is relevant to current trends in the market and you are continuing to generate more revenue or attract new customers.  This could mean making developing or changing your product to fit new customer desires, entering new markets, changing suppliers, or optimizing processes to cut down on waste.  At the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, we offer a variety of company growth programs to help keep your business growing and achieve lasting success!

Growth Programs we Offer at The Center to Improve your Business!

  • Identify and implement business strategies to increase revenue
  • Develop plans to improve business and production processes 
  • Attract customers and generate new leads
  • Discover new sales markets
  • Learn webpage development and online marketing strategies, including social media and email.
  • Meet changing customers by modifying or developing new products
Manufacturer Matchmaking:
  • Find a new supplier for your business needs
  • Get matched with potential suppliers based on your specific requirements
  • Connect with local companies
  • Save time and effort when hunting for a new supplier

To discover how our growth and manufacturer marketing services can impact your business, try out our FREE assessment and get started today!

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