Whether your concern is material selection, metals processing, welding and secondary operations, trouble shooting or problem solving, The Center’s Tech Team can help increase efficiency and quality in your operations.

Get Ahead Of The Learning Curve

Great organizations continuously strive to improve profitability, boost quality, manage risks, expand process understanding, solve problems, and add new high value product offerings. The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center can help. The Center’s Tech Team of Senior Materials Advisors includes process experts, engineers and metallurgists who consult with manufacturers on:

  • Forming & Fabrication of Advanced High Strength Steel & Aluminum
  • Welding, Joining and Heat Treating
  • Casting – Aluminum, Iron & Magnesium
  • Powder Metal Molding
  • Metallurgy of Traditional & New Materials

The Center Is Driving Results

Changing to new materials means developing new processes, modifying supply chains, investing in new equipment, and adapting manufacturing practices to new requirements within your organization. The Center’s Materials, Process and Product Consulting program will assist clients in better understanding the risks, upgrading processes, equipment and systems, and provide in-depth technical know-how to assess clients capabilities and establish programs to significantly improve manufacturing efficiency and quality while preparing for new materials and products.

The Path To Change

The Center’s Materials, Process and Product Consulting services will benefit:

  • Stamping Plants
  • Intermediate Processors & Service Shops
  • Casting and Melt Processors
  • Powder Metal Molders
  • Robotic MIG Welding, Bonding and Joining Operations
  • Heat Treating & Other Secondary Operations
  • New Material & Job Quote Advising
  • Revising Scrap Handling & Recycling
  • Preparing for the Future With Assessments, Waste Walks & Program Preparation
  • Process Development
  • Design of Experiments
  • Troubleshooting (8D Problem Solving)
  • Program or project Management

Improve Uptime In Welding Operations

Increase welding uptime, boost sales with gained capacity, improve quality and enhance customer satisfaction with the experts at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center. Our highly trained welding engineer has extensive experience in robotic MIG welding operations, problem solving, and analyzing equipment utilization through software tools to identify the root cause of “faults” in the system. Contact The Center today at 888.414.6682 to set up a no cost appointment.


Contact us or call The Center's Materials Tech Team today at 888.414.6682.