Smart Solutions for Manufacturers

Without question, the greatest challenge facing manufacturing growth and competitiveness is the availability of skilled talent. But did you know there are real solutions to your talent woes that you can implement now to help you find and keep the right workers, fill critical production gaps and increase profitability?

Register today for a half-day interactive event brought you by the Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) and the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) that will help manufacturers tackle these obstacles with practical guidance that you can put to work in your facility today. 

Through three 40-minute sessions, The Center’s experts will discuss how improving culture, implementing Lean manufacturing and adopting targeted technology can help improve aspects related to employee engagement and retention, productivity, performance and more. This event covers: 

  • Employee Engagement & Culture – With factors like efficiency, productivity and profitability at stake, finding and keeping the right workers has never been more critical. Learn how building an enhanced company culture will help combat employee turnover, attract new workers and enhance the overall employee experience. Explore what it means to be an employer of choice, leadership’s impact on retention and how to take a proactive approach to your culture.
  • Lean Manufacturing – Lean principles and tools have been used by manufacturers to maximize productivity for decades. Now, as companies face talent shortages and increased pressure to stay competitive, Lean tools can be applied to help manufacturers effectively fill critical gaps in production using existing resources and talent. Learn how to use Lean tools such as 5S, Standard Work, Total Productive Maintenance and Value Stream Mapping to get the most out of your current workforce – not by working harder or longer, but by working more efficiently.
  • Industry 4.0 Technologies – As manufacturers work to improve efficiencies, fill talent gaps, increase profitability and stay competitive, a strategic advantage can be found in the application of relevant Industry 4.0 technologies. Whether a company is looking to adopt sensors, additive manufacturing, the Internet of Things or automation, all successful implementations must be driven by strategic business needs. In this session, learn more about the benefits these technologies provide and gain insight into how to ensure your technology implementations are successful.

This is an in-person event. Boxed lunch is included in your registration. 
$25/person when you use promo code: MMTC21 

Upcoming Dates

November 10, 2021
8:30 AM- 11:30 AM
620 S. Capitol Ave
Lansing, MI

3-40-minute sessions, our experts will discuss how improving culture, implementing Lean manufacturing & adopting targeted technology can help improve employee engagement and retention, productivity, performance and more. For Discount use promo code MMTC21
Southeast Michigan