Smart Manufacturing Summit

bringing the future of manufacturing to you

Technology is advancing at lightning speed and virtually all industries are set to experience significant change in the months and years to come. The increasing adoption of Industry 4.0, robotics, automation, digitization, augmented reality and other innovations are revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape. What does all of this mean for your company?

On March 21, you’re invited to the 2018 Smart Manufacturing Summit to gain a better understanding of the market trends facing modern manufacturers. Geared towards Tier 2-5 suppliers and smaller manufacturers, this event features thought leaders and experts that will provide actionable insights on how to adapt to the factory of the future and improve quality with Industry 4.0 technologies and innovations.

The event will include the release of a special report, “The State of Michigan Manufacturing,” compiled by the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center’s Research Services practice area. With a focus on the Industrial Internet of Things and the role of digitalization in manufacturing, this report will provide comprehensive data and insights about which industries are expected to face the most rapid growth in this new digital landscape, as well as how these trends are impacting manufacturers in a variety of ways. This exclusive information will serve to put into perspective the thoughts shared by speakers and further demonstrate the importance of manufacturing smarter now and in the future.

Immediately following the event, guests will be given the option of attending a tour of S.M. Wu Manufacturing research labs located in the North Campus area with Jun Ni, Director of the research center, as their guide.

The Smart Manufacturing Summit is a collaborative event between the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center and the S.M. Wu Manufacturing Research Center, part of the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan.

Who Should Attend

This event is designed for executive management at small and mid-sized manufacturers, including owners, CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents and General Managers.

More information about this exclusive event coming soon.