SMART SOLUTIONS SERIES: Tackling the Labor Shortage Through Culture, Engagement & Leadership (FREE)

In a time when manufacturers are tasked with being more efficient and productive than ever, an industry-wide labor shortage is holding many companies back from reaching their full potential. Due to factors such as COVID-19, elder employees retiring, lack of skilled trades training and more, the need for help has reached a critical point.

The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center (The Center) is hosting a virtual panel discussion with experts Amy Forehand of The Forehand Company and our own Mike Beels where we will explore what it means to be an employer of choice, leadership’s impact on retention, creating employeeship and how taking a proactive approach to your culture can dramatically impact productivity, attraction and turnover.  This will be a live and interactive webinar allowing participants to engage and ask questions. 

Beels_M2-web-(1).jpgMike Beels, Lean Program Manager-The Center
Mike Beels has served in the role of Lean Program Manager for the Lean Business Solutions Team at the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center for more than 16 years. Mike's areas of expertise include Change Leadership, Workforce Engagement and Succession Planning, as well as the entire portfolio of Lean strategies and methodologies. Mike is a professional trainer and has the ability to command an audience and deliver training in a way that participants can understand in a clear, non-threatening manner. 


Amy-Forehand-web-(1).jpgAmy Forehand, Consultant and Coach-The Forehand Company
Amy Forehand, founder of The Forehand Company, is a culture consultant and coach with 20 years experience guiding change and strengthening talent programs. Amy is committed to growing employeeship - employee responsibility, loyalty and initiative. She creates stronger partnerships between employees and their leaders and is guided by knowing employees thrive when the right conditions are created. She equips leaders to ensure great cultures are created on purpose. Amy also serves as the Chelsea Education Foundation Board Secretary where she is able to support conditions for students to thrive through grants and scholarships.