EXPLORE: Filling the Supervisory Gap

Find The Missing Piece: Improve Morale & Teamwork

No matter the title -- boss, foreman, or manager -- an employee's immediate supervisor plays a crucial role in their career development, job satisfaction and engagement. They also are the main reason an employee chooses to stay and thrive in an organization or walk out the door, taking their experience, talent, and contacts with them.

Join the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center for an exploratory event that will re-open the door to effective leadership and bridge the gap between newer and seasoned work forces, senior and junior staff, and front office and plant floor associates. 

Who should attend this event? YOU...if:
•           You want to enhance your supervisory skills.
•           You want to give an identified workforce the opportunity to grow with the company.
•           You have a turnover problem.
•           Employee engagement is falling short.
•           You're looking to develop leaders because you're faced with an inexperienced workforce (gap).