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The Center's live-stream, virtual classes incorporate multiple learning processes resulting in improved content retention and increased application to the workplace.

virtual: LEAN / SIX SIGMa / supply chain



virtual: Applied Project Management 

Participants will learn the tools and techniques for planning, executing and monitoring strategic initiatives using our exclusive Active Learning Model to apply concepts in real-time on a case study. A disciplined approach to project management can greatly reduce the pains of project cost overruns, schedule and deployment delays, and decreasing customer satisfaction... Learn More

virtual: Project Management Fundamentals

Get acquainted with the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. This course leaves the learners with actual examples of the most common project management tools and focuses on how a project is a temporary endeavor designed to produce a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end... Learn More

virtual: DISC

Improve your team’s effectiveness by increasing your understanding of different work styles... Learn More

virtual: Finance for the Non-Financial Manager 

This online class exposes non-financial managers to financial concepts that are relevant to managing any type of business, with an additional focus on manufacturing. The key concept is that managers make daily decisions that impact the financial health of the business, so they need to understand the basics of financial management... Learn More


Provide frontline leaders the tools to improve communication, engagement and productivity of frontline workers. Leaders will become more competent and confident resulting in increased employee engagement, better productivity, higher employee satisfaction and reduced turnover. Using our exclusive Active Learning Model participants will learn through assessment, practice, application and reflection... Learn More

virtual: Get More Done

The Center's Get More Done class allows participants to improve their personal productivity by assessing workflow, planning improvements using core principles, and turning skills into daily practice. This Active Learning Model class will have you applying your skills immediately... Learn More

virtual: Train the Online Trainer 

Increase effectiveness and confidence as an online trainer with hands-on skill development. Use our six-step Active Learning Model to develop high-energy training sessions that are effective and result in measurable outcomes. Each learner will work independently to develop a short livestream training during the second session... Learn More


virtual: Lean Manufacturing Champion Certification

Build your organization's internal Lean capacity as a Lean Champion and better facilitate continuous improvement projects. This six-month certification program teaches tools by on-site experiential projects. Cycle through live stream instruction, hands-on application, check meetings, debriefs and presentations. Learn to identify opportunities to remove waste in current processes, build more effective teams, increase productivity, improve quality and reduce stress... Learn More

virtual: Lean Manufacturing Practitioner

Lean Manufacturing Practitioner will develop an individual’s capability to contribute to an organization’s Lean transformation... Learn More

virtual: Lean Office Practitioner

Increase your capability to contribute to your organization's Lean transformation with The Center's virtual Lean Office Practitioner course... Learn More

virtual: Problem Solving

Improve quality by reducing errors and scrap through engaging staff in a structured, problem-solving process based on A3 thinking. This class is designed for employees who are expected to participate in their organization’s problem-solving activities or lead a problem-solving team... Learn More


virtual: 8D Problem Solving

Our 8D Problem Solving online course is designed to help users learn necessary steps and avoid common mistakes in problem solving events. The necessary tools are outlined with examples of how to apply them.  A special process application is developed to help users learn an efficient way to solve internal (yield, scrap) problems as well as external issues (warranty and customer rejects)... Learn More


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