ISO 13485:2016 Internal Auditor (CEU Credits: 2.8)

ISO 13485:2016 Internal Auditor (CEU Credits: 2.8)


Internal Auditors play a crucial role in a company's risk management. The Internal Auditor ensures that the company fully complies with the regulations handed down by authorized legal bodies, mainly governmental, thus anticipating and/or troubleshooting any problem that might occur during outside auditing.

In order to safeguard the company from legal hassles, an Internal Auditor identifies existing or potential problems and gives the company a time period in which to correct the issues at hand. Exercising unchallenged independence, the Internal Auditor evaluates the possible risks and devises risk management procedures with special attention to the key risk areas. Thus, the Internal Auditor facilitates a company's growth by protecting its assets. It is a very powerful position, with the company’s future viability often dependent upon it.

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This four-day seminar helps attendees understand the basics of a process-based Quality Management System and the specifics of the ISO 13485 Medical Device system.
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