VIRTUAL: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

VIRTUAL: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Companies increasingly recognize that extended reality (XR) has the capability to reinvent the way we communicate, experience gaming and other forms of entertainment, and transform industries such as healthcare, real estate, retail and e-commerce. According to Forbes, XR technologies, including virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), will be "one of the most transformative tech trends of the next five years." Organizations of all types will be looking for technology professionals with the knowledge base, vision and skills to implement XR applications that provide a competitive edge.

MIT xPRO’s Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality program is designed to give you a foundational understanding and conversational fluency in XR technologies, along with the ability to consider users' needs when refining applications or developing new ones.

This is an online certificate course designed for working professionals and delivered in partnership with MIT xPRO.   

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