ISO 14001:2004 Internal Auditor

ISO 14001:2004 Internal Auditor

Did you say “Audit”?  Relax, it’s not the IRS at your door!

Conformance with Federal environmental regulations is the responsibility of all manufacturing enterprises – large, medium and small.  Whether accidentally or on purpose, when regulations are violated, trouble will follow sooner or later.  At the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, we strive to keep our members educated about new and ongoing regulations. Our dedication and teachings have helped save hundreds of millions of dollars, downtime and embarrassment for our members.  Take heed and take part in this essential training!

The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center’s ISO 14001:2004 Internal Auditor course teaches the principles and practices of effective environmental management systems and process audits in accordance with the ISO 14000 series of standards and ISO 19011. Experienced instructors explain the ins and outs of ISO 14001:2004 in detail and guide students through internal audits that are required for a quality management system. Students gain necessary auditing skills through a balance of formal classroom tutorials, practical enacting, group workshops, and open forum discussions.

Learning Objectives of this course include:

  • Understanding environmental management definitions, concepts, and guidelines
  • Understanding the purpose of the ISO 14000 Series
  • Understanding the requirements of the ISO 14001:2004 standard
  • Understanding the process approach
  • Managing an audit program
  • Conducting audit activities
  • Communicating effectively during the audit
  • Understanding auditor responsibilities
  • Identifying types of audits
  • Following the audit process

Got it all?  Well, then GET IT with this course from the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center! Your company will prosper – and that means YOU, TOO!

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