Building a Successful ISO 14001 Program

Building a Successful ISO 14001 Program

Building a Successful ISO 14001 Program

Rome wasn’t built in a day. 

Neither can you create a successful ISO 14001 Program that quickly!  All good things take time.  So, relax for a moment and consider these facts.

Does your Management Team have a heightened interest in environmental impact? Well, they should! Today, many small to medium sized manufacturers are wondering what they can do in order to identify key issues, focus on remedies, institute solutions   and ultimately conform to all necessary regulations.

The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center offers a practical course to identify and address key environmental concerns dominating business discussions today. The class will utilize the ISO 14001 standard as the foundation of the discussion.  The key word here is “Successful”. Our instructors are all industry certified, knowledgeable and patient.  You will learn what you need in order to avoid the regulatory problems that often accompany lack of information – or wrong information.

Topics that are Covered:

  • TRU Waste Processing Center
  • Environmental Management System Value
  • Why should we be ISO 14001 Certified?
  • Do we have the Corporate Culture to promote Safety and Environmental Management Systems?
  • Implementing the Environmental Management System and Achieving ISO Certification
  • How to prepare for ISO Certification
  • Implementation of the Environmental Management System
  • Achieving ISO Certification

This is very serious business! It is well worth the time, effort and minimal expenses to achieve and maintain certification. 

Upcoming Classes

There are no upcoming dates for this class. Please contact us for more information on upcoming dates.