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Introducing Our “Active Learning Model” Format

As the pandemic forces many organizations to shift their curriculum online, the experts at the The Center are doing what we do best: adapting and streamlining. The Center is now offering fully virtual classes in addition to our traditional face-to-face classes. Our live-stream, distance learning classes incorporate multiple learning processes resulting in improved content retention and increased application to the workplace. Each class includes two or more of the following methods: pre-work, live-stream instruction, individual and team tasks, games or contests, assignments for multi-session classes, and a completion project. Full-day classes typically will include 1-2 hours of live-stream in the morning and afternoon with 4-6 hours of offline activities to reinforce the instruction. Virtual learning classes offered include:


Our 8D Problem Solving online course is designed to help users learn necessary steps and avoid common mistakes in problem solving events. The necessary tools are outlined with examples of how to apply them.  A special process application is developed to help users learn an efficient way to solve internal (yield, scrap) problems as well as external issues (warranty and customer rejects)... Learn More

DISTANCE LEARNING: Applied Project Management 

Participants will learn the tools and techniques for planning, executing and monitoring strategic initiatives using our exclusive Active Learning Model to apply concepts in real-time on a case study. A disciplined approach to project management can greatly reduce the pains of project cost overruns, schedule and deployment delays, and decreasing customer satisfaction... Learn More


How to interpret a technical drawing is an essential skill to anyone involved in the manufacturing industry, especially prior to learning GD&T. This Blueprint Reading virtual course is designed for those who need an introduction to drawing interpretation.

DISTANCE LEARNING: current good manufacturing practices readiness

Participants will be able to apply and help support the implementation of the revised current good manufacturing practices requirements (cGMP’s) according to the final rule for “Preventive controls for human food”, released on September 17, 2015... Learn More

DISTANCE LEARNING: Finance for the Non-Financial Manager 

This online class exposes non-financial managers to financial concepts that are relevant to managing any type of business, with an additional focus on manufacturing. The key concept is that managers make daily decisions that impact the financial health of the business, so they need to understand the basics of financial management... Learn More

DISTANCE LEARNING: food allergens

Participants will be able to apply best practices for food safety principles to help support the mitigation of allergen cross-contact in manufacturing and effectively control allergens in a manufacturing environment that can help support Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) regulations... Learn More


The purpose of the food defense plan is to prevent food products being adulterated from any source inside or outside the company. Such acts intended to cause wide-spread harm to public health, including but not limited to acts of terrorism intending to target food supply, could cause illness, death and economic turmoil to the food supply. This course will dive deep into the understanding of food defense requirements and how to create a customized food defense plan for their facility... Learn More

DISTANCE LEARNING: food recall and withdrawals

This course will present all the needed aspects of a solid recall plan and how to build a robust one. As required under the Food Safety Modernization act this course will give participants the necessary tools create such a plan. Recall and withdrawal procedures are required for food manufacturers under the final FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rule for “Preventative Controls for Human Foods for hazards requiring control... Learn More


Provide frontline leaders the tools to improve communication, engagement and productivity. Leaders will become more competent and confident resulting in increased employee engagement, better productivity, higher employee satisfaction and reduced turnover. Using our exclusive Active Learning Model participants will learn through assessment, practice, application and reflection... Learn More


The Center's Get More Done class allows participants to improve their personal productivity by assessing workflow, planning improvements using core principles, and turning skills into daily practice. This Active Learning Model class will have you applying your skills immediately... Learn More


Participants will learn about the background of HACCP as a food safety system and how it can be practically applied. The course covers the five preliminary steps and seven HACCP principles which are required by the codex alimentarius. This is hands-on training that will guide you through the steps to develop and implement a science-based HACCP Program for your facility... Learn More


Learn the information necessary for conducting internal quality audits. Emphasis is placed on effective auditing processes, skills and techniques. Participants will be instructed in developing an audit plan and the audit report required for management review. Corrective and preventive action will be reviewed, as well as the 2015 standards and requirements.

DISTANCE LEARNING: Lean Manufacturing Champion Certification

Build your organization's internal Lean capacity as a Lean Champion and better facilitate continuous improvement projects. This six-month certification program teaches tools by on-site experiential projects. Cycle through live stream instruction, hands-on application, check meetings, debriefs and presentations. Learn to identify opportunities to remove waste in current processes, build more effective teams, increase productivity, improve quality and reduce stress... Learn More

DISTANCE LEARNING: Lean Manufacturing Practitioner

Lean Manufacturing Practitioner will develop an individual’s capability to contribute to an organization’s Lean transformation... Learn More

DISTANCE LEARNING: Lean Office Practitioner

Increase your capability to contribute to your organization's Lean transformation with The Center's virtual Lean Office Practitioner course... Learn More


This interactive class develops the skills necessary to become a critical part in any organization’s quality improvement initiatives. It provides a strong foundation of the Lean and Six Sigma methodologies for meaningful participation in Six Sigma project teams led by Certified Green or Black Belts... Learn More


Improve quality by reducing errors and scrap through engaging staff in a structured, problem-solving process based on A3 thinking. This class is designed for employees who are expected to participate in their organization’s problem-solving activities or lead a problem-solving team... Learn More

DISTANCE LEARNING: Train the Online Trainer 

Increase effectiveness and confidence as an online trainer with hands-on skill development. Use our six-step Active Learning Model to develop high-energy training sessions that are effective and result in measurable outcomes. Each learner will work independently to develop a short livestream training during the second session... Learn More

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