Market Research on a Budget

Market Research on a Budget

Manufacturers are continuously looking to diversify their customer base, expand into new markets, and grow business. Conducting market research is a crucial component of developing a strong growth strategy. 

The importance of market research is often times overlooked. A small part of this is due to human nature. Developing new products, brainstorming innovations, and marketing new ideas are all generally very exciting, while researching and surveying are often thought of as a “little less glamorous.” However, your growth initiatives will fall flat without extracting and evaluating relevant data from current and potential customers.

Market Research: The Foundation of A Successful Growth Strategy

The Center's Market Research on a Budget hands-on class will teach participants the necessary skills for developing in-house market research initiatives. You will learn about free and low-cost resources for investigating the competitive landscape, industry trends, and other key market data, as well as how to collect information on customer perceptions, level of satisfaction, and other key metrics using online surveys. Topics include competitive intelligence, prospect list generation, market analysis, and more.

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