Business Development

Sales Acceleration and Market Research

Manufacturing Business Development

No matter the size of your business, there is always room for further development.  The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center can help see your business through new growth with our strategies for time management, lead generation and sales forecasting.  We provide services to promote new growth and assist with your overall marketing efforts.  

Our Growth strategy for business development manufacturer training includes elements like:

  • Identifying and implementing business strategies to increase revenue
  • Developing plans to improve business and production processes 
  • Tapping into new sales markets & generating new leads

When it comes to marketing we focus on trying to help you establish a strong online presence to develop your small to mid-size business. Many factors come into play when comes to making marketing efforts, but we key in on three: enhancing website searchability, tracking website traffic, and optimizing website content.

Business Development Manufacturer Training 

We offer several courses in business development that will help take your business the next level. One of the courses available to you is our sales acceleration workshop.  This workshop is centered around a series of hands-on activities in areas like time management, lead generation, diagnosing, proving and sales forecasting. You will be faced with real world scenarios to help with your on-site implementation of these teachings after the workshop.  To find out more about this workshop please click the following link to be taken directly to the class description and overview!

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