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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) 101

10/16/2015 - THE CENTER
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a ratio that demonstrates the number of parts produced by a machine versus its theoretical or optimal capacity.

The Importance of Enhancing Your Plant Layout

10/2/2015 - THE CENTER
The end goal of every manufacturer is to build a superior product which brings value to the customer at a reasonable cost. But, how this is accomplished relies on having an efficient and effective workflow within the plant. The process of taking in raw materials and transforming them into finished goods can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be!

Inventory Management: Striking the Right Balance

9/18/2015 - THE CENTER
“That order will be delivered within the next day. It will be picked and shipped as soon as I hit ENTER. Thank you so much for making us your number one supplier. We value your business”. Once the ENTER key is pressed, will the inventory be available to fulfill the order?

Improving Processes through Value Stream Mapping

9/4/2015 - THE CENTER
If you Google “Value Stream Mapping,” a very elaborate (and wordy) definition pops up on the screen. In order to understand the concept, we must simplify the definition. Value Stream Mapping looks at how things are currently executed in order to improve processes in the future. The actual mapping portion comes into play because a written ‘map’ is used to sequentially depict steps required to design, produce and provide a good or service.

How the Kaizen Philosophy Can Improve your Organization

7/17/2015 - THE CENTER
The word Kaizen is often referenced when talking about Lean Manufacturing. Kaizen is a combination of two Japanese words: ‘Kai’ meaning change and ‘Zen’ meaning good. Kaizen combines these words to express the idea that big changes come from many small changes over a period of time. For manufacturers, business process improvement and an increase in profit is the result of many small changes accumulated over time.

Consistency is Key: Top Benefits of Standardized Work

7/10/2015 - THE CENTER
All manufacturers want to boost productivity and efficiency while reducing errors and accidents. Standardization of work, which can be difficult to adopt initially, can be an effective way to increase productivity and efficiency since it defines expectations, formalizes processes and creates accountability.

Choosing a Path For Your Company: Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing or a Combination of Both?

6/5/2015 - THE CENTER
Every day, MMTC is out consulting with Michigan’s manufacturers about how to improve their competitiveness. While we work with a diverse group of companies – from food and chemical producers to automobile parts and metal manufacturers – organizations of all industries and sizes are focused on process improvement to boost profits.

Waste Not, Want Not With Lean: Common Wastes in Your Office

5/29/2015 - THE CENTER
Historically, when you think of Lean, manufacturing is most likely to immediately pop into your mind. But in recent years, following the success of Lean manufacturing on the shop floor, many office environments have begun realizing the same strategies can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and eliminate wastes. Implementation can be challenging if improperly executed, but when done correctly and with the right guidance, there are significant benefits to be realized in an office environment.

Improving Your Value: Implementing Lean Enterprise

3/6/2015 - THE CENTER
In today’s global economy, we’re all looking for ways to increase production, improve efficiencies and reduce errors in all areas of our business – especially the production floor. Of course, this is easier said than done. We can’t just say we want to improve our business – our actions have to speak louder than our words.

Why Lean Six Sigma and Employee Engagement Initiatives Improve Your Company Culture

2/6/2015 - THE CENTER
A productive business is one that is able to manufacture quality products effectively and at low cost…correct?  In reality, a productive business is also one that’s able to manufacture quality products effectively while improving overall employee morale. Unhappy employees can be just as damaging to a business’ bottom-line as bad products or processes.

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