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Get a Peek into the Factory of the Future at Integr8

9/14/2018 By: Elliot Forsyth Manufacturing is changing. The industry is entering a new era, with oncoming workforce and technological advancements set to transform manufacturing as we know it. In this emerging age of smart manufacturing, a number of factors are contributing to this evolution: Workforce changes. Out with baby boomers, in with millennials and Generation Z. The manufacturing landscape is facing a drastic shift in the type of talent available and interests of oncoming generations, which will inevitably lead to changes in manufacturing operations and capabilities.

National Network for Manufacturing Innovation Brings Technology to Michigan

10/9/2015 Where do you go for help regarding new, lightweight materials? Who is really working on the materials and processes to create future vehicles and products which are lightweight, sustainable, and affordable?  How can I position my company for growth as the lightweight trend goes from being a gentle wave to a tsunami? Two new Detroit-based organizations are preparing to become leaders in developing and implementing lightweight technologies. Their focus will be on Tier Two and Tier Three companies to deliver the parts and services to accomplish the aggressive lightweighting goals set by the auto industry.

Industry Update: Innovation Institutes

4/18/2014 Industry update: innovation institutes. Four words starting with vowels (and none with consonants) all in one blog entry title!  Ah, it’s the little things in life that get me excited… Anyway, innovation is the lifeblood of U.S. manufacturing – especially Michigan manufacturing. We’ve used innovation to establish ourselves as the leaders of manufacturing. Where’s the birthplace of the U.S. automobile industry? You know the answer: Michigan. When things were looking dire during the economic downturn…what state used innovation to create more manufacturing jobs than any other state in the nation? You guessed it: Michigan.

Increasing Competitiveness through Innovation

7/19/2013 There was a really great article published in Industry Week this month called, “Innovation: One Size Fits One.” The article relayed quotes and stories from industry experts about the importance of innovation in the manufacturing field. One of the main points of the article was conveyed by Patricia Verduin, CTO of Colgate-Palmolive. Verduin expressed how there is a cultural shift in our society and that the “very nature of manufactured goods has changed.” She remarked, “Everybody was buying the same things — the wealthy people, the less wealthy people, they all had the same appliances; they all had the same curtains.

Policy Makers Meet to Discuss Michigan's Bright Future

5/31/2013 This week marks the 2013 Detroit Regional Chamber’s Annual Policy Conference at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. Each summer, the Wednesday following the Memorial Day holiday, business leaders from around the globe descend on the Grand Hotel to help shape the future of Detroit and to discuss topics ranging from job creation to regional transportation and the key reforms needed for Michigan. This year, more than 1500 attendees met to discuss this year’s agenda and vision which centered on how to “Work collaboratively to create a globally competitive, financially attractive business environment in Michigan”.

Lean Six Sigma and the Importance of Certification

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Michigan Company Executives Appointed to Advise Department of Commerce on Manufacturing Policy

3/15/2013 Manufacturing is a key industry in the revitalization of the U.S. economy and job creation. Something we have long said and believed and the Department of Commerce agrees. The United States is the world’s largest manufacturing economy, employing nearly 12 million Americans in 2012. In January 2004, the Bush Administration report released a report titled Manufacturing in America: A Comprehensive Strategy to Address the Challenges to U.S. Manufacturers. One of the many recommendations included the creation of a manufacturing council to serve as the principle private sector advisory committee to the Secretary of Commerce.

The Top Manufacturing Themes of 2012

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