Scott Phillips

Industry 4.0 Program Manager

Scott Phillips is a Project Manager on The Center’s Industry 4.0 team. In his role, Scott drives awareness of Industry 4.0 technologies and opportunities to Michigan manufacturers through personalized consulting and training. Scott’s manufacturing experience, combined with his passion for Industry 4.0, enable him to effectively support manufacturers’ strategic technological implementations. 

Professional Experience 
In the past, Scott has held leadership positions at companies across many industries, including Whirlpool Corporation, Fortune Brands, Burger King Corporation and Comerica Bank. Most recently, Scott worked as Senior Project Manager at the Great Lakes Trade Adjustment Center. Scott also is the Founder of Connected Factory Global, an advisory service dedicated to helping manufacturers understand and implement Industry 4.0 principles and technologies in order to improve their competitiveness. 

Scott holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Michigan State University and an MBA from Wayne State University.


Industry 4.0: The Big Picture