Industry 4.0 Team

Russ Mason

Lean Program Manager

Russell Mason is a Lean Program Manager for the Business Solutions Team. His areas of expertise include change leadership and management development, sales and operations planning, management operating systems, supply chain effectiveness, and a range of continuous improvement approaches focusing on lean and agile methodologies such as finite capacity scheduling, demand pull systems, and related management processes that optimize operational throughput.

Professional Experience
Russ has more than 20 years of broad-based consulting and 18 years of manufacturing experience in a variety of industries and functional levels. He has held senior level management positions in operations, materials, and quality. In addition, he’s had extensive experience in the areas of process design, Enterprise Resource Planning, short interval scheduling and execution, and JIT techniques.

He has conducted training in lean disciplines such as operational planning, flow processing and design, total productive maintenance, and other selected tools that support lean operations. In addition, he has led/facilitated small through multi-level, multi-resource, projects whose purpose was to design and implement improved business processes.

Partial list of industries served include Defense, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Aircraft, Oil & Gas, Office Furniture, General Manufacturing, Computer and peripheral equipment, Semiconductor, Foundry, Paper and Pulp.

Russ holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Stanford University.


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