Roger Tomlinson

Lean Program Manager

Roger Tomlinson has been a Program Manager in The Center’s Lean Business Solutions program for 20 years. He has trained and mentored hundreds of Michigan manufacturers in the entire portfolio of Lean strategies and methods (e.g., Kaizen events, Standardized Work, 5S/Workplace Organization, Value Stream Mapping, Total Productive Maintenance, Culture Change, Team Building, operations management and process re-engineering). He is also involved in Transactional Lean Office, which identifies and eliminates waste in the office areas in a company. In March 2012, Roger passed the HACCP Manager examination. In addition to his training and consulting work, Roger has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing management.

Professional Experience
Prior to joining The Center, Roger was Vice President of Manufacturing for a Tier One automotive supplier for 12 years; senior level manufacturing management and responsible for the design, implementation and training of Lean with a machine tool builder and Japanese filter manufacturer. In addition to his Lean Manufacturing expertise, Roger has core competencies in change management, materials management and continuous improvement.

Roger holds an Associate in Industrial Engineering Degree, Eastern Michigan University and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration in Management Degree, Eastern Michigan University.

Professional Memberships/Certifications
Member, Society of Manufacturing Engineers


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